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October, 09


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Different Color Combinations of Accent Wall for Your Home

Choosing the accent wall you want to spruce up is a breeze once you know how to add a pop of color to a room. Accent walls have the power to improve the interior part of the home. It helps to give your room an artistic look that shapes your entire room. House Paint Roseville services can expertly transform your living room or bedroom, giving it the desired shape and style.

An accent wall is the ideal way to add a splash of color without having to paint the entire space. It doesn’t matter if you choose a giant chalkboard wall or softer colors; it will give your home a charming glance that you will love. If you need clarification about the color combination, here are some recommendations you can apply.

Various Color Combinations of the Accent Wall

Red brick and green

By putting a brick wall perpendicular to a colored wall, like the green one in this picture, you can boost the vitality in your favorite space. In contrast to the smooth surface, the brick’s roughness gives depth and visual appeal. Use accent pieces to decorate, such as framed pictures, canvases, and area rugs.

Mellow Yellow

Look no further than a cheerful, neutral shade of yellow for a paint color that makes an understated statement on an accent wall. A soft yellow that isn’t overly brilliant instantly gives a space energy. A soft yellow color works very well in parts of your home that receive a lot of natural light.

Teal Color

In a living room, using teal as decor is a terrific way to get a variety of styles. It can be used to evoke a variety of looks and is situated on the color wheel between blue and green. It goes nicely with many different colors. Darker teal hues can be excellent accent colors for dividing off space in a living room.

Blue color

Feel free to try an accent wall design with more drama. A bedroom, guest room, or child’s room can gain personality and depth with the help of deep blue paint. This color combination is stunning and warm when paired with softer tones like pink and brown.


A bright pink tint is a cheery hue for accent wall paint that makes us think of bubblegum and childhood. Try this color behind a couch in a plain living room to add some personality because it gives your space many color options and instantly becomes the space’s focal point.

Grey wall

Elevate your dining experience with romance by adding a dark grey accent wall. Opt for a grey with a brown undertone to infuse warmth into the room and set the perfect ambiance for hosting guests. Additionally, the remaining walls might be painted a milder shade of grey to contrast the striking accent wall.

These are some color combinations you can use in your living room or even your bedroom. Hire the best home painters near me, Roseville, for more details. Also, they are professionals, so they can help you to know that how to maintain the walls accurately.


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