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October, 30


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Is Commercial Painting More Expensive Than Home Painting?

No matter which sort of paint job you are doing, cost is a big concern. When you’re going to take a professional painting service, it is important to know what is commercial painting and what is residential painting. Knowing the basics about these two paint jobs is not sufficient. It is also important to know how both these paint jobs impact pricing.

Most people a question in common that which category of painting cost more? Whether you are renovating your office or repainting your apartment, this is the most question ever. Commercial painting is more complicated when compared to house paint Rocklin. So, the cost involved in commercial painting is generally greater than the cost of residential projects.

The cost of any paint job completely depends on the size and scale of the project. Let’s quickly assess the facts that would help us in understanding why commercial projects are generally more expensive than the residential ones. We again are saying that each project is different from each other and thus will be priced specifically.

How Much Commercial Paint Job Cost?

When it comes to the matter of commercial painting costs, we would say that it varies from one place to another. The cost of commercial painting majorly depends on some factors, now what are they?

  • Charges of the workers
  • Size and scale of the project
  • Type of project
  • Required days
  • Equipment
  • Type of colours
  • Time of painting
  • Risks involved

As we discussed in our earlier articles that commercial projects are more complicated in comparison to residential painting in Rocklin. The main concept is same, the difference only lies between the planning, detail, and preparation that are involved. Another factor that may impact the overall price of any paint job is geographical location of the project. So it is always recommended to do a good research before choosing any brand.

Interior Commercial Painting

The cost of commercial painting majorly depends on two factors, one is interior commercial painting. As the name indicates, interior commercial painting includes painting of the inner objects of a business possession. In comparison to exterior commercial painting, interior commercial painting is much cheaper per square foot when compared to exterior commercial painting.

Exterior Commercial Painting

On the other side, exterior commercial painting includes painting of all the outside components of a business possession. Exterior commercial painting is expensive than interior painting because of the risks involved. For an example, most business possession contain multiple storeys.

Hence, painting those buildings means a large amount of dangers must be taken into consideration. For those buildings, scaffolding, cherry picker, elevated platform or large ladders are used for better finishing. Additionally, the workers have to face all the odds of elements during paint job which make exterior painting costly.

Wrap Up

Though exterior commercial painting is a bit expensive than interior commercial painting, the price only varies for the nature of the job, project size and complication. Hence, if you also are looking for a professional commercial painter, contact us now. Start asking for quotes now. You can drop a mail or call on our given number. Hurry up!


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