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June, 13


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Painting with a Twist: Unusual Techniques for Unique Walls

Adding unique wall décor to your dream home’s walls isn’t the only method to make it stand out. A fantastic paint job can give a wall the much-needed zing. There are many great painting techniques. You can use them to remodel your house quickly. They will give it a feel that matches your style and personality. But do you know that painters use various techniques to give that unique look to your wall? If you also want that, hire the best residential painting Granite Bay, as they are efficient.

Painting a wall is an art. A plain wall is the canvas of professional paint, and they like to portray the exact thing you depict. Hence, they try to use many unique techniques to create unique designs for the wall. So, let’s have a look at these techniques.

Different Techniques For Creating Unique Walls

Sponge painting:

Sponge painting is a creative technique using a sponge paint roller or a regular sponge. To add a dynamic texture to the wall, all you have to do is dab paint on it. You can use contrasting or similar shades of color depending on your desired style. When it comes to art, everything is correct.


Using a stencil and paint, you can use the stencilling technique to create a pattern or design on your wall. This method gives your walls a subtle texture and may be used to produce a range of styles, such as floral and geometric patterns. Stencilling is another excellent method for adding color to your walls without painting the entire wall.

Color washing:

Color washing, often known as the “broken finish” technique, may give any space a genuine, antique charm by giving it a worn-in appearance. But it’s quite easy to accomplish. Apply a thin, see-through glaze over a contrasting base color to create a soft, delicate texture. Then, use feathery brush strokes. It looks fantastic in the main bedroom, den, family room, or kitchen.

Rag rolling:

In this do-it-yourself wall painting technique, a twisted or bunched-up rag is rolled over a wet-painted wall or ripped off randomly to create a distinctive mottled look. This gives the wall a subtle depth and texture, and depending on the colors chosen, it can produce a striking or subdued visual treat.

Mastering strie:

Strie, sometimes called “dragging,” is a basic faux painting technique. It entails running a brush through a colored glaze layered over a base coat of a different color. For the affordable price of paint, it provides the opulent, high-end effect of linen or fabric wall covering. Long strokes in vertical or horizontal directions should be kept to get this lovely appearance. If you plan to have this style in your home, then a house paint service can help.

Textured rollers:

Textured rollers can achieve a textured wall without using a lot of paint. When you roll these rollers, their design or texture transfers to your walls. Textured rollers come in various patterns, from brick to wave, and can give any area in your house a distinctive and captivating appearance.

These are some techniques to create unique walls for your home.


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