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October, 26


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3 Common Safety Aspects of Commercial Painting

There are some professions that include safety hazards due to the nature of the job. Though commercial painting is not so dangerous like other professions like police or fire fighters, still it include some risks. Commercial painters often function in chaotic environment like busy corporate offices, warehouses or construction sites.

This sums up risk factors including accidents and other safety hazards. Preventing massive injuries and accidents are the main components of safety practices for commercial painters. Below are the three most common safety issues that are needed to be keep in mind. Search for the term house painters near me to get the best painting services.

Exposure to Hazardous Goods

Commercial painters use multiple paint products that include noxious ingredients. They can generate throat allergies, headache, breathing issues, and many other problems. Chemicals that are present in commercial paints also can create severe eye and skin irritation. Asbestos is another harmful element that was used before the 1980s for insulation. But later it was found extremely harmful and chronic for health.

Work Procedure

The next hazardous aspect of a commercial painting is work procedure. In the course of finishing a commercial printing project, painters lift heavy equipment and boxes, stand for hours and perform a lot of bending. The work is almost like spending a whole day at the gym. These tasks create aches, discomforts, and exhaustion at the end of the day.


Another serious matter of a concern is accidents when you are performing outside house paint Granite Bay. Commercial painters function in an atmosphere that is busy, cluttered and clamped. It is not very tough to slip or fall off a ladder.

Most commercial buildings are multi-storeyed and possess high ceilings. Painters need ladders, scaffolding, platforms and other equipment while painting commercial buildings which increase the risks of falling.


As a reputable brand and high-quality painting service provider, we value our painters and are strived to protect their well being every time. Hence we never compromise with safety matters. Contact us to get free quotes.


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