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December, 08


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3 Extraordinary Exterior Wall Painting Ideas That Can Make Any Home Beautiful

We all want to make our home a statement and the easiest way to do so is by choosing gorgeous home paint. The paint colour you will select can alter the entire appearance of your home. Whether you love bold and dramatic shades or are in search of subtle and sophisticated pastel shades, selecting the right exterior paint colour is the key component of making any home look great.

There are multiple colour options available which can offer your home a trendy yet classic look. Shades like navy blue, classic white, charcoal grey and teal can look great for any occasion. You can discover gorgeous colour combinations which incorporate desert hues, earthy shades, neutral tones and coastal shades. If you love bold shades, velvet red and cream or black and white would be a great choice.

With so many colour combinations to select from, you can surely get a colour combination which you’d love to have on your home exterior. So here in this article, we will discuss 3 mind-blowing colour combinations for the house painting Roseville.

Navy Blue & Classic White

Are you in search of a colour combination that can create a bold statement for your home exterior? Then look no further than the combination of rich navy blue and white. This combination is neat, classic, crisp and extremely enchanting. Both these colours work very well as white plays a blank canvas which enables navy blue to sit well on the walls.

If you are selecting this combination, try to apply white colour on the siding or stucco of your home while you can choose navy blue to be applied on doors, shutters accent walls or trim. This paint duo would never go wrong as it is extremely versatile. For a coastal vibe and sea-inspired look, pair white with intense navy blue.

For a softer appearance, you can pair white with more light shades of blue including cerulean, cadet etc. Irrespective of the shades you choose, white and navy blue would create a striking combination altogether.

Taupe Brown & Beige

If you are looking forward to having a natural earthy look on your home exterior, choose the shades of taupe, beige and brown. These shades would develop a very warm and welcoming impression of your home. Taupe is a shade that can be paired with any shade like cream, sandstone, cocoa, or clay. Taupe can be applied on the siding, trim or shutters to create a unified creamy colour scheme.

Shades like cocoa brown possess reddish undertones that bring a sense of richness. Cocoa brown can be used on the doors, lower half of the walls or window frames for a nice visual effect. Beige is a shade that is light, and creamy, and its neutral look can brighten any other colour. Apply pale beige on the siding with chocolate trim and door for a cosy complement.

Grey & Yellow

The next prominent colour combination that can work like magic for any contemporary home is none other than grey and yellow. Grey is a shade that will work as a neutral base whereas vibrant yellow denotes brightness. So, try this colour combination if you want to have a striking look for your exterior.


With endless variations, each tone will help you achieve a customised look for your home exterior which attaches it to the surrounding landscape. Always choose colours that are stylish, and natural yet grounded. Contact a reputable painting service in Roseville to know more about this.


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