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January, 07


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3 Mesmerising Pink Colour Combinations For Bedroom

Pink is an extremely relaxing colour which can combine very well with any other colour scheme. For this reason, pink is one of the most common colours applied extensively for home painting Rocklin. This very soft, elegant and beautiful colour adds a touch of exquisiteness and positivity to any corner of a building. It is a colour that looks great with any sort of interior style including contemporary, retro, classic, Grecian, minimalist, Victorian and more.

Selecting the proper pink wall colour combination is not so easy as there are multiple aspects to be evaluated. When two colours are combined correctly, it can offer the best contrasting effects on the walls. While light colours can make any room look spacious, dark colours can add contrast. To get the most stunning looks for your bedroom, dual-coloured walls with lighter shades on top and darker tints on the bottom are ideal.

Always try to select soft pink shades with understated shades for a relaxing finish. So if you also are thinking of applying pink shades to the walls of your bedroom, you are at the right destination as here we are going to mention the most stunning colour combination of pink. Any shades of pink, gentle green, light blue, lavender, and white can work very well to offer a calming atmosphere.

Tips: For a complete aesthetic look, avoid pink bedding, flowery patterns or any other frill pillow coverings. In addition, you can use teal or brown to achieve a nice contrast.

Soft Pink with Grey

If you are looking forward to having a soft colour and peace in the eyes, then surely go with grey and soft pink. These two tints work amazingly to offer a calming effect. Try to put pink on the walls and add touches of grey utilising drapes, cushions and other furnishings. You can do vice versa too means you can apply the grey colour on the walls and pink on the home accessories. If you want a modern and minimalist interior, we suggest choosing this colour combination.

Pink and Blue

The next interesting colour combination for your bedroom walls is pink and blue. Blue is a colour that is probably the best for bedroom walls. The main reason behind this is its capacity to offer a Zen-like atmosphere through its calming hue. While applying this colour combination to the walls of your home, make sure to use both colours in a proper ratio. Pink is ideal for making bold accent hue but beware of using it too much.

Limited use of pink can make any space look cosier and cheering. Both pink and blue can offer a daring and dramatic look by combining very well with each other. This colour combination is great for those who want to inject colours into the walls.

Blush Pink and Beige

Blush pink and Beige is a combination that is timeless and trendy. Blush pink and beige is a classic combination that can make any place warm and cosy. Try to use pink as a primary colour and add a beige accent with furniture, curtains and bedding. You can keep some plants in your room to add a touch of natural beauty to your home. If you want a romantic yet gentle interior, we suggest choosing this colour combination. Search the term home painters near me in Rocklin to get expert advice on this matter.


So, these there colour combinations can work like magic if you want to make your room look great. Though pink is a very common shade, it is globally liked for its subtlety and gentle look. It is all about experimenting with colours for the best colour combination for your home and pink fits perfectly in that context. Select any of these colour combinations to make your bedroom look no less than heaven. Follow us to know more.


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