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September, 05


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Benefits of Getting Semi-Gloss Paint Finish for Your Room

Renovating the whole house with the help of new colors is a glorious moment and we all like that. Various types of paint finishes are accessible. Which one do you want, from the matt finish to the semi-gloss finish? Residential painting Granite Bay can help you to pick one of them.

One of the traditional paint finishes you may use throughout your home is semi-gloss; as it falls between a high-gloss and flat finish, it is the ideal intermediary for all your painting requirements. The semi-gloss paint finish has other benefits, which help you take the initiative to paint the wall with it. This article is about those benefits, so keep reading, as it will disclose lots of information.

Advantages of Getting Semi-Gloss Paint Finish for Your Wall

Aesthetic look

Semi-gloss is a high-shine substitute for satin that will reflect more light from its surface. A satin paint can reduce the glare of sunlight entering the space if you paint interior walls near large windows. When painting a darker room, you can choose a bold paint color and a semi-gloss finish to brighten the area.


The main reason to use the semi-gloss paint finish is its durability. People should choose the color if it is long-lasting which is the best. It has been seen that this paint finish is much more resistant to stains, scuffs, and moisture compared to the other finishes. That is why using it in high-traffic areas like kitchens or bathrooms is best.


Semi-gloss paint is more sheen than satin paint due to its higher polyurethane content but has a slightly sticky, plastic-like texture. A satin finish closely mimics the surface of an eggshell with its soft, smooth feel. You can lightly sand away the glossy layer if you want to paint over semi-gloss paint with a satin finish replacement.

Clean easily

It would help if you chose the paint which can be smoothly cleaned without any hassle. A messy room must be more approachable, and all paint cannot be cleaned easily. That is not the case when discussing the semi-gloss paint finish. They can easily be wiped clean with damp cloths, making maintenance simpler than usual. Not only that, but it also helped to look fresh in the meantime.


It looks more tempting if your rooms look more bright and stylish. Semi-gloss paints have a subtle shine that can enhance the appearance of your walls by reflecting light. This can make rooms appear brighter and more spacious.

Thus, these are some reasons you should use this paint finish on your room wall. If you want to know more about it, then it’s best to contact the professional painters near me, Granite Bay, as they have the proper knowledge which is beneficial for you and not only that, they also help you to get the correct color for your wall.


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