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How Often Should You do Interior Painting in California?

Painting your house is a big task that has a vast visual impact. It depends on the house. Few rooms need to be painted more frequently than others due to frequent use. On the other hand, the rooms you do not use regularly may not need a new coat of paint.

No matter how many houses you want to repaint, you can count on Mister Paint for interior painting in California. We have a great team of interior painting Fremont that can serve your purpose and add a superior look and value to your home.

Below is the list of rooms that needs repainting as per their use:

Living and dining room – The dining room is usually one of the less-used rooms in the house. Many use their dining room several times a year for formal events or holidays. If this is the case in your dining room, your paint wears out very little, which can be durable. You can get it by repainting it once every seven years.

Although you probably use your living room more than your dining room, you may not need to paint it frequently. Most people use the living room for light stressful activities such as relaxation, socialization, and watching TV, which cannot finish your painting quickly. Hence, you can go about 6 or 7 years without the need to repaint your living room.

  • Bedroom – Although bedrooms are used compared to living and dining rooms, they do not cause much damage. Adult bedrooms do not usually wear too much in their paint, and they can last a long time.

Kids often use their rooms to sleep and play, which means their paint can peel off quickly. Therefore, one should paint adult bedrooms every 5-10 years, whereas children’s rooms may need more frequent fresh coats every four years.

  • The kitchen – One of the most used rooms in your home is your kitchen, which you need to paint more frequently. You use your kitchen every day to prepare and eat your food and often come in contact with water from your sink and dishwasher. So, there is a lot of regular activity in this room.

Paint can fade quickly under pressure and frequent cleaning, so you should paint your kitchen every three years. The painters near me can paint your interior with exceptional efficiency and 100% accuracy within time and budget.

  • The bathroom – Like the kitchen, your washroom is used daily with lots of wear. Think about all the water and steam that escapes from your bathroom wall every day.

Whether you are washing your hands or taking a bath, condensation can seriously wear away the paint in this room. To keep your bathroom walls in optimal shape, you should paint them every 3-4 years.

Customize your space with value-adding paint from reputable and trusted professional interior painters at Mister Paint. We deliver high-quality interior painting in Fremont at a competitive price.

Our painters near me offer dedicated project management, worry-free scheduling, color consultation, and onsite repairs with professionalism, responsiveness, respect, and integrity.


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