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November, 17


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Learn Some Facts About the Right Temperature For Exterior Painting

When it comes to the matter of exterior painting projects, it is crucial to know the right temperature outside. If you attempt painting the exterior of your home when it is too hot or cold, you may ruin your entire painting project. In the case of exterior painting projects, both humidity and temperature are crucial factors to be evaluated well. So, below we are going to discuss some notable aspects that may help you save both your time and money. Search the term house painters near me Roseville for precise information on this matter.

How Temperature Affects Exterior Painting?

More or less, we all know that conducting exterior painting during the months of winter would not be a very good idea. When the atmosphere outside becomes colder, it is always better to put off any outdoor painting projects until the summer arrives. On the other side, you might think of conducting exterior painting in July and August. But let us tell you summer is also not ideal for exterior painting.

The truth is that the ideal time for an exterior paint job is when the temperature is mild, a little windy and moderate. A little wind can complement the paint job because it helps the paint to dry quickly. However, there are different temperature guidelines for different types of paints. For instance, if you’re applying latex paint, the right temperature should be 50-60°F and if you are applying oil paint, then the temperature outside should be 45-90°F.

Painting in Summer

If the temperature outside is too high or too low, it can prevent the paint from binding perfectly. This can ultimately result in cracking or peeling of the paint before time. Some categories of paint such as latex are more difficult to work in summer.

This is because they are prone to get dried easily which can reduce adhesion. Latex prints are generally perfect for all exterior paint projects. When it is extremely hot outside, blisters and bubbles can develop in the paint. But we always suggest not to do a paint job when the temperature outside is 90°F.

Painting in Winters

As we already cited conducting an exterior paint job in the the winter is not a very good idea. Still, if you want to have an exterior painting service in winter, make sure that the temperature outside is not below 35°F. Otherwise, the paint won’t get cured or processed correctly. After conducting painting services in winter, you may notice slight bumps and bubbles coming from the paints.

So, it is always suggested not to conduct any painting service if the temperature outside is below 50°F. Cold weather can reduce the overall longevity of paint also. Oil-based paints can thicken in winter which can make the paint brushes stiff. This can cause lesser coverage per litre of paint and thicker paint application.

Winter can increase the drying time of a paint which makes the paint remain wet for longer periods. This ultimately attracts diet, debris, bacterial formation and bad odour. So whenever you are having an outside house paint service in winter, allow the paint adequate time to dry completely.


So, these are some crucial facts about how temperature can affect exterior painting. Contact us or follow our site to get free quotes.


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