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January, 11


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Learn The Best Colour Combination For Kids Room

Children spend a large amount of time in their rooms, doing their homework, sleeping, playing etc. They feel the safest when they’re in their rooms. Hence, it is crucial to apply appropriate Vaastu-compliant colours on the walls. Yearning up a creative space that will boost your child’s inventiveness is a daunting task.

As a parent, you want to ensure choosing a colour that fits your child’s personality the most. So here in the next segment, we will discuss the most happening colour combinations for your kids’ room which you can easily get by contacting any reputed brand for residential painting Granite Bay. So let’s begin.

Dash of Red

When we are talking about the most stunning colour for kids’ bedrooms, red is the most famous one in the spectrum. Though red has different meanings in different cultures, as a whole red indicates fun, boldness and excitement. A splash of bright red colour can make a dull room look interesting. But do not put the red colour on the four walls of your child’s room as it can look monotonous. Try to keep one accent wall with a splash of red and some minimal red accessories to make the room calming yet exciting.

Shades of Orange

Though it’s gaining popularity slowly, orange is a colour that even works better when it is a matter of your child’s bedroom. Orange is a very warm and inviting colour that can make a child immediately happy and positive. According to the most famous child psychologists, orange expands confidence and thus is ideal for those children who are unable to connect with people socially.

Joyful Green

When it comes to the matter of a child’s room, green is undoubtedly considered to be the hero. Green is a colour that is extremely calming to the eyes and thus is loved by the elder children too. Apply green to the walls of your kid’s room if you wish them to comprehend better and read faster. You can use muted ones of green like army green or jade green in your child’s room by adding it to the pieces of accessories like rugs, curtains and wallpapers.

Classic Blue

If you want to play with different themes and styles for your kids’ room, nothing works better than blue. As per child psychology, blue has the opposite impact of red and thus lessens the excitement. So, if your child is restless and hyperactive, apply the neutral shades of blue to their rooms.


The last on the queue is purple which is a symbol of ambition, passion, spirituality and confidence. If you want a space for your child that is quirky, off-beat and inspirational, choose purple without any second thought. Search the term professional painters near me in Granite Bay to get expert suggestions on this matter.

Summing Up

Nowadays, parents leave no stone unturned to make their children happier. From their school, and clothes to their room colour, everything is to be perfect. So if you also are looking forward to getting a great colour combination for your child, contact us for expert advice.

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