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November, 13


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Learn the Donts of Painting A Commercial Possession

Many people consider painting as a mere easy task. But painting is not as simple as what we make it. Painting is not just selecting a colour and slapping it on the walls. There are a lot of factors that are required to be assessed. Doing an improper paint job is more expensive than it is worth.

So it is very important to assess some crucial factors to know what is right and what is not right for a house painting Roseville. Below we are discussing some points that you should keep in mind while doing a commercial paint job.

Never Start with the Walls

While conducting a commercial painting, always start the painting with the ceilings. Most painters make this mistake by starting the paint from walls. This only makes the entire paint job tougher. If you paint the walls first and then the ceilings, the paint will splatter and drip on the already smooth walls.

Don’t Put Paint on Active Molds

Another mistake that painters generally make is applying the paints on active moulds. This is wrong. Mould or stain-blocking primers or paints only prevent the paint from bleeding through. They can not kill active mould. Utilising these products only prevents moisture for a while. So, always find out the source of moisture and fix it by killing the moulds.

Never Forget to Fix Imperfection

Though flat finishes can conceal imperfections, it is always better to not take any risks. Apart from demolishing the room’s aesthetics, these imperfections can lead to greater problems like popping out of dried paint bubbles which can ultimately make the paint get chipped.

Never Create A Rush

Though it sounds very tempting, doing an extreme rush while doing a paint job can ruin the entire reputation of any painting service-providing brand. Apart from this, a very quick painting can only produce shoddy work which may lessen the possibility of getting new clients.

Never Forget Sanding Before Applying Latex on the Oil Finish

While conducting any paint job, always remember to sand down the surface before applying latex on the oil finish paint or oil on the latex. After sanding, wipe the excessive dust away from the surface with a tack cloth. Don’t forget to use a primer before applying latex on oil finish paints.

Don’t Put Paints Directly on the Wallpapers

Though painting over the wallpaper directly might be simpler, the truth is just the opposite. To cover up a wallpaper, you need multiple layers of paint and primers. Hence we always suggest removing the wallpaper before doing the paint job. You can take the help of a steamed or any paint-removing solution to do so.

Never Close the Room While Painting

While doing a paint job, always allow good ventilation. This is because poor ventilation is not only hazardous but uncomfortable for the workers. Exposure to paint fumes can create serious nose, ear and throat infections. Hence, never close the windows and doors while taking a painting service in Roseville.


Any paint job is difficult to perform and hence needs detailed planning. To know such informative tips, you can contact us as we are one of the biggest painting service providing brands. We are dedicated to offering a painting service that surely makes our clients satisfied. Get in touch to get free quotes.


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