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December, 03


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Learn The Most Common Causes Behind Any Exterior Problem

When people assign a professional painting service to paint their home or office, they always wish to get a paint that would last longer. But not every time we get what we want. Painters with fewer skills and experience only can deliver a substandard paint job which may start peeling or cracking after some years.

So if your newly conducted exterior paint starts fading away, peeling or cracking, consider taking professional exterior painting services. Recognizing the common causes of exterior paint jobs can help people prevent such issues and have a great paint job in future. Hence, in the below segment, we are going to discuss the most common reasons behind any sort of home painting Rocklin.

The Reasons Behind Immature Peeling of Exterior Paints

The first major problem with any sort of exterior painting is early peeling or cracking. If you notice the paint is peeling down, the issue has likely happened due to the inner moisture content. If any have poor ventilation, dampness problems due to unsealed joints, damaged sealants, and other issues, a repair may be required to fix those problems before conducting any repainting.

Premature blistering, bubbling and peeling also indicate that the walls were painted when damp without taking enough precautions. Often we can notice the previous paint coating under a blister. It can happen due to applying the second paint coating without allowing the undercoat to get dried enough. This type of problem can also happen due to the usage of below-standard top and base coats.

Always make sure that both the top and base coats of a paint job should get done with only one category of prints. An acrylic colour can not be applied to oil-based paint. Otherwise, it would start peeling off immediately. So always try to apply a high-quality primer before starting any paint job.

The Reasons Behind Patchy Exterior Paint

Patchy and discoloured areas in any paintwork indicate a dirty or wet wall. Over time, the walls of any building catch dirt, dust and grime which can compromise paint adhesion. So, each time paint is ready to get applied, make sure to clean the walls with proper care. After cleaning, the walls should get enough time to get dried perfectly. Patchy paint can also happen due to the usage of one paint when it fails to cover the wall’s previous colours and minor abnormalities.

The Reasons Behind Dripping Paint

Dripping paint is one of the most prominent problems which can ruin the entire look of a home. Dripping paint always indicates heavy paint application with an overloaded paintbrush. Too much watery paint can also make paint dripping from the surface. If the paint is applied to a high-gloss surface wall without applying primer well can make the entire paint less adhered.

The Reasons Behind Early Fading

Early fading of paints is one of the most prominent problems that most homeowners face with their exterior paints. The main reason behind this is the use of low-quality paints. Some amount of fading can happen over time due to exposure to heat, cold, rain and other issues. However, substandard paints lose their gloss and effectiveness much before than that of high-quality shades. So we suggest applying paints that can offer UV protection to the walls.


So if you’re looking forward to getting an experienced, ethical and reputable exterior painting service, please feel free to contact us. Being a reputed painting service providing brand, we take care of most repairs that are required before painting. Learn more about our painting procedure, and exterior painting services by evaluating our work examples and searching for the term home painters near me in Rocklin. Call us to get a free quote now.


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