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October, 17


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The 5 Most Useful Tips To Paint Home Exterior Like A Pro

It is undeniable that gorgeous exterior paint can increase the aesthetic of a house, save the outer layer of a house from natural elements, and expand the property value. However, outside house paint is difficult to conduct and any mistake can be very expensive especially if it is a DIY project.

No matter which type of paint job you’re doing, it is crucial to ensure that all the steps are performed correctly. Below we are presenting the five necessary exterior painting tips to help you paint like a professional.

Select the Right Time

The first pro tip for conducting a high-quality painting job is selecting the right time. We all know that humidity and extreme temperatures can impact the quality of your paint job immensely. Hence, it would be better to select an appropriate time for the entire task.

Normally, the spring and the autumn are the two most suitable times for doing any paint job. In these times, the weather is cosy and comfortable because there is a minimal chance of temperature fluctuations and rainfall. This helps the paint to adhere to any surface and dry easily.

Be Aware of the Roller Nap

The next tip for conducting an efficient paint job is proper knowledge of the roller nap. The nap of a roller will decide how well the paint will be applied and cover the surface. Hence it is crucial to choose the appropriate roller nap to get the desired finish.

Roller naps that are longer in size can absorb, hold and apply more paint than the usual naps. When you are going to paint a rough surface, always choose a longer nap for a smoother finish. For painting a smooth surface, always use a shorter nap.

Scrape & Sand

The next major step of conducting a good paint job is adequate preparation. To get a smoother exterior paint finish, it is important to prepare the surface well. This preparation includes sanding, scraping, cleaning etc. Doing these steps with care can help you prevent any debris, dust and other components that would create inconvenience in paint bonding.

Cover the Necessary Things

While taking painting services by searching the term house painters near me, always cover the necessary things outside of your possession and try to minimize the mess. Cover plants, light fixtures, doors, windows, cars and many other things to ensure neat painting. This step would help you to get a professional hassle-free painting.

Apply Paint From the Top Down

While performing outside painting, divide your entire home in multiple sections for better painting. Always apply paint from the top down. This can reduce the amount of unwanted paint drip and splatters. This will help you achieve a quality finished painting job.


If the exterior of your home need a fresh coating of paint, contact us to get a professional painting service. Our highly skilled experts would do their best to make your home look at its best. To learn more or get a free estimate, contact us now.


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