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November, 20


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The Top Factors That Might Impact Exterior Painting

Whether you have already selected the perfect colour for your home or still struggling to choose one, you may be are super excited to transform your abode into the ideal aesthetic. This is to make the curb appeal of your home the most. But before you make yourself ready by taking out the rollers and brushes, you need to have a precise idea about which time would be the best for conducting house paint Granite Bay.

Remember, each category of paint job is different and hence relies on multiple factors including your location, weather, budget etc. So you need to plant everything around these crucial factors. let’s take a close look at the factors that may impact the exterior paint job.

Outside Temperature

The first factor that holds extreme importance for any paint job is outside temperature. When you’re going to paint the exterior of your home, the best temperature should be between 50-85°F, especially for latex-based paints. Before conducting any paint job, evaluate the temperature well because the inappropriate temperature can cause splotchy colours, cracking and peeling of paints, blisters, bubbles etc.

Paint Type

The next major considerable aspect of an exterior paint job is the category of prints you’re using. We already have mentioned that each paint type is different in terms of finishing, drying technique & time, required care and price. So before choosing any of them, it is crucial to know which category of paint you’re selecting.

Knowing the right category of paints can aid in following the instructions well so that the paint job comes out to be gorgeous-looking. For instance, oil-based paints have different temperature limits than latex-based paints. These two paints are different in terms of drying time too. Latex-based paints need almost 2-3 hours to dry whereas oil-based paints need a full day to get dried.

Time of Painting

The next notable factor while conducting exterior painting is the time of painting. The time of the day, when you are going to conduct an exterior paint job holds immense significance in the entire success of the painting project. A bright sunny day during Autumn or fall is considered to be the best for any paint job. It is always suggested to start the painting as soon as possible in a day. You can start the work at 10 am as then you can get the entire day to finish it off.


Another very important factor of exterior painting service is climate. We all know that different locations have different climates. Hence selecting when to plan exterior painting in Florida is very different from selecting when to paint outside of your home in California. However, the time of fall is ideal for conducting any paint job, early winter can also be a good choice for southern areas. This is because, in those areas, the temperature can rise to 90°F during fall.


Before booking any exterior painting service for your home, always check the weather forecast. This is because rain and gusty wind can ruin your entire schedule and hike the price of your project. So we suggest always checking the weather forecast of the week in which you are planning your outside house paint in Granite Bay


So, evaluate these factors well before finalising any exterior paint job for your home. Contact us to know information about this matter.


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