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August, 27


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Tips for Painting on the Old Paint of Your Room

Our home is a blank space filled with different colors of our choice. But the color starts to fade as time passes and finally becomes dull. We should repaint the old paint because seeing this boring, dull color can be depressing sometimes. That is why if you want to repaint the old paint, then book house paint Roseville, as they help put life in your room’s dull color walls.

If you plan to repaint your old paint, you must consider some essential factors. These factors help you provide a splendid result, which ultimately helps you to get the desired look you are going for. We are sharing these crucial factors of how you effectively repaint the old paint of your room.

Tips for Repainting the Old Paint of Your Room

Make the wall ready for repaint

Many people skip this step to save time, but it’s surprising how much dirt can get stuck in new paint. Remove dust, dirt, and grease spots with a cellulose sponge, mild dishwashing detergent, and water to prevent a rough finish. After washing the walls, make sure to rinse them thoroughly with clean water to get rid of any remaining soap residue. After the walls are dry, use spackling paste to fill nail holes, then lightly sand.

Remove or scrape off the old paint

It might be tempting to save time by painting over old paint when painting walls. However, this is not recommended. It’s essential to do the job right the first time. If the old paint is flaking, take the time to remove it with a scraper. This may be a tedious process, but preventing the new paint from flaking is worth it.

Cover the window and doorstep with tape

To prepare for painting, use the painter’s blue tape. It can be applied up to a week before painting. Remove the tape right after painting and before the wall dries to avoid peeling off the paint. Even though some people skip this step once they become skilled at cutting in with a brush, it’s important not to skip it until you’re ready. Putting the tape on too quickly can cause gaps in coverage, which can be a costly mistake.

Cover the holes and the cracks in the walls

After covering the windows and doors, it’s time to fill the hole and the cracks in the walls. Thus, applying fresh paint on the wall helps make the surface smooth and consistent. Use filler and the filling knife to cover any holes and cracks. If the holes are deep enough, ensure you refilled it more than once.

Use a primer before repainting the wall

Many people believe that walls painted multiple times don’t require primer. However, applying primer before painting can improve the paint’s sheen and coverage, resulting in an even finish.
Thus, these tips help you repaint the old paint on the wall and make it livelier than ever. For more details, you can hire the best home painters near me, Roseville. So get your wall repainted and get rid of the dull boring color which you have on your wall.

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