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August, 14


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Top Home Paint Colors That Should Be Done In Summer

Summers are full of life, and if you plan to get your home painted this season, choose the color that will help you feel some fresh air along with the blooming flowers, some cool breeze, and a beautiful sunny evening. The main thing is to get a color that soothes your eyes and feels cozy inside the home. If you plan to do it, engaging in the best house painting Roseville is best.

Transforming the paint colors of your home is an effortless yet effective way to enhance your comfort this summer. Opting for light shades of blue or green for your walls would be ideal for keeping your home cool and refreshing during the hot summer months. Here is a list of the paints which will help you achieve the look you seek for your home.

Colors Should Be Done In Summers

Pestle yellow

If you are bored with the white color, go for the pestle yellow, which generates a hint of foundation. It helps to portray the joys of sunshine and exudes all kinds of happiness. You can paint this color in your living room, kitchen, bathroom, or dining room.

Soft blue

When we hear the color blue, we immediately think of the serene blue sky and envision how painting a room with this color could create a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. This color creates a calming atmosphere and adds a serene touch to the room, complementing the beautiful summer sunlight. Bedrooms, in particular, benefit from this color as it uniquely transforms with the changing light.

Mild pink

If you want to soothe your eyes in the summer, then mild pink is just the color for your room. Mild pink tends to create a romantic glow. It’s best to stick with more muted colors as the main focus and use richer hues as accent colors. This shade is known for its association with kindness and is believed to enhance creativity. Go for it if you plan to paint this color in the nursery.


Another beautiful color which will light up your mood in the summer season is indigo. This is the classic color people love to paint their houses with. Also, it will help in adding depth and regal sensibility to the particular room where it will be painted.

Spring green

The vibrant green hue exudes a sense of freshness reminiscent of lush foliage and bustling farmers markets. To enhance this feel, consider incorporating botanical prints into your decor.

Here are some color options to give your home a summery feel. If you need more time to make up your mind, then the painting service in Roseville helps you get the perfect look you dream of.


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