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November, 26


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Top Mistakes To Avoid While Conducting Exterior Painting

When it comes to the matter of exterior painting, avoiding the typical mistakes is the key to accomplishing a smooth and durable finish. Most people fail to get a beautiful exterior colour just because of some small mistakes. Hence, in this blog, we will discuss the five most common mistakes that most homeowners commit while painting outside of their homes.

Evaluating these mistakes well can help in getting a professional-looking exterior paint job which can easily enhance the curb appeal of any home. An effective house paint Roseville can help your home to withstand the tests of time.

Avoiding Surface Preparation

The most prominent mistake that most homeowners commit is avoiding proper surface preparation. Without proper cleaning, scraping and priming of the exterior walls, applying paints can cause early blistering, peeling of paints and even very poor adhesion. Therefore, invest sufficient time in preparing the exterior surfaces by removing the loose paint chips, washing away the dirt, and applying a suitable primer.

Selecting the Wrong Paint Type

For any successful paint job, it is important to select the right paint type. Selecting substandard exterior paint or applying interior paint on the outer walls of a building can lessen the longevity of the paint job. Apart from making any paint job ineffective, the wrong selection of paints can cause cracking, premature fading, less weather resistance etc.

Hence, it is always advisable to consult an expert painting service-providing brand to know which paint is the most suitable for your home as per climate, surface material and budget.

Conducting The Paint Job in A Bad Weather

The next notable mistake which most homeowners make while conducting exterior paint jobs is less evaluation of the weather. An attempt to paint your home’s exterior without evaluating the weather conditions well can compromise both the stability and quality of a paint job. Always avoid painting on extremely sunny days, rainy or snowy weather. Extreme wind can also ruin your entire paint job.

Then what would be the right time to conduct an effective paint job? Mild temperature, low humidity and a light breezy day would be the ideal choice for exterior painting. Always check the 7-day weather forecast before starting the paint job. Suitable weather enables the paint to dry and adhere to the walls well which ensures a better finish.

Insufficient Supervision of the Surroundings

The next notable mistake that homeowners generally make is taking less care of the surroundings. Overlooking the safety of your surroundings can cause major damage like accidental paint splatter which is irreversible. So before starting the paint projects, never forget to cover the windows, does, plants, and other fixtures either with plastic sheets, drop cloth or masking tape. This can prevent unintentional paint splatters from ruining your entire surroundings. You can easily clean the minimal spots with the least time and effort.

Unnecessary Rush

Especially when it is a matter of exterior painting, perseverance is the key to success. If you unnecessarily rush while exterior paint job, it can lead to the ultimate disasters including missed sports, uneven strokes, and unprofessional finish. So while exterior painting, allow each coat of paint to dry with ease before applying the next. Be thorough while applying the outside paint to ensure a completely polished smart look. Search for the term home painters near me in Roseville to get a wide range of painting services.

Wrapping Up

So these are some notable mistakes which can prevent you from achieving a professional-looking paint job for your home’s exterior. Remember to allow enough time for surface preparation, the right nomination of paint, select the appropriate weather, concentrate on the surroundings, conduct the entire process with utmost patience and enjoy the refreshed look of your home.


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