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June, 06


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What Are the Vital Things You Need to Do Before Painting Your Exterior?

Summer is a great time to repaint the house. With long days and sunlight, many homeowners will do the exterior painting. If you are going to paint a house by yourself without looking for a professional, you probably know that preparation is one of the essential parts of the painting process.

Here are the three most vital parts to follow:

Cleaning –

One of the least costly aspects of any paint job is cleaning for exterior painting work. Collects various materials outside your home, be it dust, dirt, or algae. Even painting on a slightly dirty surface will end up being a waste of your time and hard work.

The first step is to take a sponge and some warm soapy water out of your house, scrubbing to remove the dirt and stains. The mold that may be present requires a little more work, as you may need to add bleach. The house painting service provider like Mister Paint will use a high-pressure cleaner to get the best results, so if you want, now is the time to contact them.

Sanding and filling –

If you are repainting a surface in poor condition, sanding and filling are crucial. However, even if it is smooth and without too much peeling or cracking, it is worth giving the surface light sand. It has the effect of balancing the walls so that your paint brush can slide along them and apply the paint smoothly. Not ideal for drawing an uneven surface, as you can probably use more paint with some stains than others.

Poorly shaped surfaces can have holes and cracks here and there. Hence, use a body filler to fill those gaps and create as consistent a surface. Mister Paint does the house paint job with the best filler solution, mixing with water, or decorator cloak, around the frame for trimming and not rubbing.

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Priming Process –

Priming is highly recommended for almost all paintwork, even if you carry a new color. Some outdoor surfaces, such as wood, can provide the level of adhesion required for paint to spread evenly. Forget to prime when doing your exterior painting, and you end up with a patchy, ugly finish. If you paint over another color, you will see this shade with new colors unless you add at least a few primer coats.

Mister Paint has specialized in this field, and they know that the way you will do it depends on the surface on which you are drawing. Primers of various specialties are available for wood, concrete, plaster, or metal, so make sure to use one specially made for the type of surface you are working on.

Call a professional like Mister Paint, as they have years of experience and knowledge in the house paint job and will take less time to complete the painting job.

If you want to do exterior painting, call Mister Paint. We will take the job for you.


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