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July, 02


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What are the Mistakes to Avoid to Achieve the Perfect Exterior Paint?

You have bought a brand-new home and are trying to settle it into the right look to make it your dream home, or maybe you want to decorate your home and bring it back to its glorious day. If mistaken, home painting services can be a costly and unpleasant mistake.

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And it is not just the color scheme – do not choose outdoor paint, especially exterior wall paint, without considering the city climate and sun exposure, or it will fade, flake, and peel off. Choosing the right outdoor color means knowing what paint to resist rain, sun, and mold.

Find out which paint is correct for your building materials and what color scheme it will create. Mister Paint provides you with exterior painters near me for outdoor paint.

  • Choose the best outdoor paint for the substrate – Whether you have a home with wood weatherboard, brick, masonry blocks, fibro cement, concrete, or a rendered exterior, you need to make sure the paint you choose will work for the substrate. Although you may think that any color that works for bricks will work for wood, the formulations of these paints may be different. You do not want to paint a wooden surface with a high build render and mason repair paint and finish with a scaly house.
  • Surface Preparation Key – It can be tempting to avoid cleaning and keep plowing, but you have to pay for it later. Unprepared surfaces are one of the biggest causes of coating failure – you can follow the paint manufacturer’s instructions to get the best results. A clean, dry, sandy, and sound substrate is the foundation for your desired results – do not deceive yourself. Even after all this work is done – it is vital to see that your exterior wall paint needs primer.

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  • Doors and windows are not walls – This may seem obvious, but for trim, doors, and windows, you need a different color with one of the walls. Windows, doors, trim, and skirting boards are more at risk of knocking, scraping, and damage than walls because we use them daily. Paints formulated for these surfaces are hard to wear and come in semi-glossy or glossy.

Our exterior painting services cover everything you find outside of your property. Choosing quality paint for your external pain is essential. Fortunately, you can rely on our years of professional painting experience to get the best home painters near me. Also, all work is fully licensed, insured, and guaranteed.

Call Mister Paint to get the top exterior painter near me in California!


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