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June, 09


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What Are the Usual Commercial Painting Problems in California?

When you own a commercial building, you want it to look as good as possible, functional, and attractive. After all, your physical condition says a lot about how you conduct your business!

At Mister Paint, we know that a quality paint job can offer your business great value. Mister Paint is an industry expert with years of experience in this field. Our commercial painting contractors near me provide professional services. We make your business look its best and attract more customers, and can positively impact your business.

Below are a few common commercial painting problems and how we can help you solve them:

Fading Paint –

Faded paint makes your building look worse and poorly maintained. It reduces curb appeal and sends the wrong message to your customers and sellers. But, with some quality preparatory work and a new color coat, our professional painter at Mister Paint can revitalize the look of your building.

Although all paints eventually fade, the time it takes for them to pale depends on the quality of the color. If you have been having problems with fading paint for years, it’s probably a good idea to consider choosing a more fade-resistant, high-grade paint. If you do not know which paint options are correct for your building, our house painters near me can point you in the right direction.

Peeling Paint –

Another challenge with commercial painting is when the paint starts to come out of the walls due to poor adhesion when initially applied. It is also a common occurrence if multiple layers of color are placed on top of each other.

One option to deal with this is to make sure the walls are clean before applying. Using a high-quality primer can reduce the risk, and buying only high-quality paint can make the color less likely to peel off.

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Cracking Paint –

If people are not familiar with the commercial painting process, they may not realize that surface preparation is vital. Cracking and cracking can occur when the dry paint film begins to split with one of the coats applied. It can happen because the first coat can get wet before the second one is placed on top, and in most cases, the place is not correctly prepared, causing cracking problems.

In some cases, the whole area may need to be repainted and repaired and can be solved by using a scraper, cleaning the section, and making sure the surface is primed.

Whether you want to house paint the interior or exterior of your building, our team at Mister Paint is here to serve you. For over 30 years, we have specialized in high-end painting solutions for commercial features. If you need commercial painting contractors near me for your paint job, we are here to fulfill your vision.


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