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September, 07


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What are the Various Materials Used for Painting Traffic Markings?

Road markings play a very important role in preventing unwanted accidents. It helps the visitors to know about their actual parking space, thus removing unnecessary confusion. There are various materials used for drawing traffic striping paint lines.

The use of materials varies based on their utility. Want to know about those materials that are being used for drawing striping lines for traffic? Here they are.

What is the Use Associated with Traffic Stripping Paints?

The markings made of high-quality traffic striping paint are drawn on the roads to ensure safety. Earlier, the absence of such markings on the roads created lots of misunderstandings among people.

As a result, it became very difficult to decide on the most suitable place for parking the vehicles. Almost, every time; there used to be an accident that resulted in lots of mess. Many people used to get hurt unnecessarily.

To avoid such an unwanted situation, striping paints for roads have been introduced. They refer to special markings that help in keeping all types of confusion at bay. Cyclists, motorbike drivers, and car driver can easily park their vehicles.

These striping paints play a very important role in factories as lots and lots of visitors come there. Having a well-organized parking facility reflects a good impression of the owner of the business.

Now, it is high time to peep into the various types of materials used for marking road stripping.

What are the Various Materials Used for Drawing Road Stripes?

There are various types of road materials used for drawing markings on the road. The selection of the material solely depends on the type of surface and marking that will be made.

The properties of the materials vary from each other. Some exclusive properties associated with materials used for traffic striping paint in California include:

  • Anti-skidding
  • Reflection property
  • Longevity
  • High performance

Now, the various materials used for painting markings on the roads include the following:

  1. Thermoplastic – Thermoplastic has been considered to be among the most popularly used materials for traffic striping paint. Being reflecting and hard in terms of wear and tear, it is preferred for markings on highways and roads. To improve the safety level, fillers along with glass beads are applied. For marking lines, thermoplastic tapes may also be used.
  2.  Water-based paint – Water-based paint is used for marking road stripes on runways and tracks for racing. Being available in a plethora of colours, it is possible to make the selection based on utility. The paint is highly suitable for marking lines on car parking, transport yards, shipping ports, and warehouses. As it is an environmentally friendly option, it has been considered to comprise safety properties.
  3. Methyl Methacrylate – Methyl Methacrylate is another exclusive option used for traffic striping paint. Being cold and solvent-free, it is highly durable. It has been recognized to hold the colour ECO-Friendly well without coming across fading.

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It has been a perfect choice in places that comprise high traffic, roundabouts, junctions, and pedestrian crossings. As it gets dried quickly, faster completion of work may be expected.

These are some exclusively used materials used for marking stripes on roads. If you have been searching for a reliable service provider for house paint, then Mister Paint will be the right place.


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