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June, 30


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What’s a Popcorn Ceiling Paint: How to Paint It Right?

Have you heard about stipple or acoustic ceiling? Do you need clarification on the name? Popcorn ceiling is also known as stipple or acoustic ceiling. Do you know how to perform the best house paint in Rocklin for popcorn ceilings?

If you need help, let me tell you about the right paint for the stipple ceilings through this blog.

But before moving toward the correct painting procedure, let us know about the popcorn ceiling.

A popcorn ceiling with a perfect texture concludes with visually attractive ceilings. It’s daunting to paint a popcorn ceiling due to its bumpy surface.

But don’t worry; the home painters near me Rocklin will help you with the perfect popcorn ceiling painting.

An Enhanced Ceiling to Go For

Tiny particles of polystyrene create a ceiling with spray-on or paint-on treatments. The ceilings are made up of sound-deadening materials whose mixtures are available in medium, coarse, and fine grades.

The best house paint in Rocklin for popcorn ceilings is interior acrylic latex paint. The ceilings enhance the room’s appearance and create the best impression before the guests.

Stipple ceilings require more paint as compared to flat ceilings. Painting on popcorn ceilings is relatively easy and fast for professional painters. The best part is that acoustic painting is affordable compared to other ceilings.

Now, let’s see what the things to be considered before working on an acoustic ceiling are.

  • Check for Asbestos

Asbestos is used in ceilings as it benefits strength, flexibility, and heat-resistant qualities. But do you know that asbestos is quite harmful to human health?

Yes, that’s true.

So, it’s better to avoid drill, sand the popcorn ceiling containing asbestos, and avoid the problems of lung cancer and other issues.

Better maintain and paint that ceiling rather than remove it.

  • Avoid Mess While Painting

Take care of your floors and fixtures before painting the popcorn ceiling. Hire professional help, and get a mess-free painting done.

The professional painters are trained, and experienced to cover the floors and fixtures of the room, to prevent them from dirt and damage.

  • Cleaning the Room

For painting a popcorn ceiling, cleaning it thoroughly is a must. The dust and dirt remain on the ceiling and affect the paint flow. So, clean the ceiling before you paint.

  • Use a Roller

Roller painting is the best to be used for a new popcorn painting. Avoid applying too much color because it can cause the popcorn ceiling becomes too heavy. With heavy painting on the ceiling, chances of chipping off the paint are relatively high.


The bottom line is that the popcorn ceiling looks impressive on the top of your living room or bedroom, But always take professional help when you’re planning to paint the ceiling. Contact Mister Paint, and get experienced professionals to get your popcorn ceiling painted perfectly and at an affordable cost.


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