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Exterior House Painters Near Me : Right Time to Repaint Your House

November, 09


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What’s the Right Time to Repaint Your House?

Are you planning for giving a new coat to your house? Have you contacted the best exterior painters near me? Do you have a clue what is the appropriate time to get your house repainted?

These questions are quite common, but sometimes we don’t pay attention to them. Home painters near me have full-fledged experience in painting houses.

Right Time to Repaint Your House

Professional painters near me know the appropriate time to repaint your house. Every house paint has an age according to the quality of the paint.

So, you must learn some important points to know the repainting schedule of your house.

Repainting Adorn Your House

Be it a wall painter, putty painter, or paint contractor near me, they work at their best to make your house look like a new one.

Painting work contractors have great knowledge about the repainting schedule of your house. The wear and tear of the paint also help in assessing the need for the paint.

So, let us see what are the timeline for painting each room of your house.


The bathroom is the most frequently visited area of a house. The walls of the bathroom are prone to scratches, scuffs, or fingerprint marks. Professional painters near me suggest that the bathroom should be repainted every three to four years.

The quality of the paint should avoid moisture and mildew. So, repainting should never be ignored in the case of a bathroom.

Living Room

 Home painting services take care of your living room as well. People who are inclined towards professional painters near me in Bay Area understand the importance of repainting quite perfectly.

The time spent in the living room is based on the lifestyle of a person. Some individuals use a living room for spending family time regularly, some use it for guests.

A living room requires lesser repainting as compared to the other areas of the house. Five years is a proper time to repaint your living room.

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The smoke stains, grease, and other marks are mostly seen on the kitchen walls. Repainting a kitchen in approx. three to four years is perfect.

Hiring professional painters near me proves best to get your kitchen painted quite effectively.


Repainting of a bedroom depends on the person using it. It means that an adult’s bedroom walls can be well-maintained and requires five years to get repainted.

Whereas, a bedroom used by children may take only two to three years for a repainting session. Drawings on walls, scratches, and other marks are commonly seen on the wall of a child’s room.

The Conclusion

 The bottom line suggests that repainting has always been necessary for the house. But consult an expert before opting for a repainting session. They may provide you with great suggestions regarding this process.

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