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Cost to Paint Exterior of House

April, 16


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Why are People so Obsessed with Exterior Surface Painting?

A fresh coat of exterior color can rejuvenate your home. The right color can make your home look crisp, bright, welcoming, and updated. The added curb appeal will instantly put a smile on your face and increase the value of your home if you decide to sell it in the future.

When to do the Exterior Painting Bay Area?

Knowing when to update your home paint depends on the materials used to build your home. However, if you notice obvious signs of damage or erosion, it may be time to contact a professional exterior painting bay area.

Our team of house painters near me at Mister Paint knows that preparing for an outdoor painting project is not always easy. You need to choose the right paint color, adjust it to your siding and wood trim, and schedule your paintwork. However, most importantly, you should find a trusted company that will show up and finish the job.

We have created this exterior painting bay area guide to make the process easier for you. We have special tools needed to achieve a high-quality, durable finish. Our fresh color can change the curb appeal of your home and can increase your home value.

Best Time for Exterior Painting Bay Area

The weather in California can affect the quality and durability of your new color. Extreme temperatures often result in unexpected reactions and improper curing, creating uneven surfaces and cracking or peeling of exterior colors. With that in mind, we recommend painting your home between the beginning of summer and the beginning of autumn.

Our house painters near me will guide you through the whole process, help you choose the best product for your painting project, and even make the necessary repairs so that our work bears the elements for next year. But, most importantly, we assure you of your satisfaction with the task at hand.

Process of Exterior Painting Bay Area

Our crew of exotic resident house painters near me follows a few steps process to exceed your expectations every time. Our tried and tested method begins with a careful examination and reliable inference. Then, after we discuss the terms and sign the contract, our team will arrive at your door in time and be ready to work.

Once our painters have completed the project, we will schedule a final walk-through for your convenience. During the walk-through, you can test our painting skills, inspect each door and window for paint splatters, and verify that our work caught your attention. Once you are completely satisfied, our exterior house painters near me will pack up their tools, remove all protective coatings and make your home look better than we found.

About Us

Painting the outside of your home can feel like an overwhelming challenge, especially if you do not have the best exterior painting bay area by your side. Contact Mister Paint, and we will offer unparalleled attention to detail and stunning home painting services at a price you will not believe. So, if you are ready to update your home, call our team today to schedule a consultation and reveal the home you want.


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