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October, 21


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Why Commercial Painting is Different From Residential Painting?

Most of us think that both commercial and residential painting are the same. After all it is painting no matter which object you are painting or how you are painting. But not necessarily this thought is right always. There are some distinct disparities between commercial and house paint Granite Bay which we would discuss in our article today. Bit before that lets quickly take a look on the primary concept of commercial painting and residential painting.

Residential Painting

Residential painting is a type of painting service that focuses on different parts of a home. Both the exterior and the interior of a home is prepared and painted if you take a residential painting service. Most experts painters also focus on objects like decks, trims, cabinets etc. while offering residential painting services.

Commercial Painting

Commercial painting is a type of painting service that concentrates on painting the walls, floors, ceilings and other components of an office, factories, business possessions, schools, hospitals and many more. Commercial house painting projects are bigger in size than residential projects. Hence commercial projects need larger crew, complicated equipment, multiple working shifts to meet the deadline.

Why Commercial & Residential Painting Are Different?

Painting commercial and residential possession is very different from each other and thus, need specific tools and set up. Commercial possessions are bigger in size, hence need top-notch planning for a smoother finish. However, residential painting also possess numerous challenges.

In both residential and commercial painting, choosing the right colour along with application method are crucial to get a quality finish. Before hiring an expert painting service, it is crucial to know which type of expertise the company possess and the aspects that differentiate commercial painting and residential painting.

Project Size

The first factor that determine the type of painting service is none other than the project size. Residential painting includes homes, apartments, townhouses, condominiums, and other living spaces. On the other side, commercial painting focuses on shopping malls, large retail stores, school, airports, repositories, colleges, offices etc. Commercial projects are massive in size in comparison to residential one’s.

Number of Painting Technician

The next noteworthy factor that define any painting project is number of painting technician. Commercial projects are huge and hence need a large number of painters to be finished well. Residential projects are comparatively smaller and thus don’t require more painters.


Both commercial and outside house paint in Granite Bay are different from each other and so the used tools and materials. Residential projects are smaller in size and hence require less equipment and materials. Rollers, paintbrushes, step ladders, painting trays, drop clothes, and other cleaning items are used by residential painters. On the other hand, commercial painters use more complicated tools like paint sprayers, aerial lifts, scaffolding etc along with basic tools.


So these are some notable facts about commercial and residential painting. Some contractors offer both services whereas some only offer a specific one. Contact us to know more and get free quotes.


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