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Eco-Friendly Painting

June, 08


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What Are the Types of Eco-Friendly Paints That Provide Protection?

Paint isles are now stacked with green products and non-toxic labels. However, it is vital to understand the differences between the types of eco-friendly painting in order to choose the best material possible for your project.

Following is the list of Eco-friendly paint:

Water-Based Paints –

As a water base, this paint breaks down more than non-water-based products. Most water-based dye ingredients are biodegradable and have low chemicals and toxicity. These pose a significantly lower threat and are not harmful to air quality and to the environment.

You can literally breathe more easily with this product, which is the best for your contractor and the people in your building. This eco-friendly painting product works really well for exterior walls that often come in contact with materials.

Plant-Based Paints –

Also commonly referred to as natural dyes – are non-toxic and made up of natural compounds and minerals such as plant extracts, waxes, clays, and resins. The paint will not emit a strong odor and generally contributes to fewer adverse reactions to the environment and people.

These paints are best for home painting where people with allergies or skin irritation may be present, and people can use them for interiors. Natural paints differ from other chemical-based paints. Hence, it is essential to contact a professional painter from Mister Paint familiar with this product.

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Low VOC Paints –

VOC means volatile organic compounds, which emit chemical fumes when the paint dries. These chemicals can cause harmful health side effects and contribute to higher carbon emissions. The lower the VOC level, the better the environment and air quality.

One thing that is noticeable about low VOC paints is their fast-drying properties. Regular paint VOC helps keep it wet so that painters have a long time to work with it. The techniques applied for low VOC paints need to be slightly different for faster drying times, so it is one of the best ideas to contract with experienced painters who can ensure a high-quality finish.

This type of paint is the best for indoor or outdoor facades and walls, and many reputable commercial contractors use this paint. Call the professional painter from Mister Paint to get the best home painting near me in California.

Zero-VOC Paints –

If the paint falls under the ‘Zero-VOC’ category, it must have less than five grams of VOC per liter. It is often tough to bring a darker color because the tinting material usually requires higher VOCs than lighter paint color. It is vital to note that VOCs may be present in some colors even if they are not present in the base paint.

The paints that provide a comprehensive list of ingredients are usually the ones you can trust. Like low VOC paints, void VOC products spread and dry at different rates, so a professional should apply them.

Your paintwork is an investment that needs protection to ensure the ongoing appearance of your building and reduce future costs. Eco-friendly painting can keep your paintwork fresh for a long time with our easy guide to painting maintenance.

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