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Parking Lot Striping Painting

June, 07


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Why Is Striping Painting Vital for the Residents of California?

Doing striping painting is a task that may seem easy at first, but if done incorrectly, it can be more troublesome than expected. Your decent home painting is incomplete until you paint the parking lot. You cannot get the perfect look of your home unless you pay attention to the striping painting of your parking lot. Giving your sidewalk enough attention is equally necessary!

Below are the five things you should know about striping painting before you start your project:

Clean the Canvas –

Before you paint the pavement, you need to make sure your space is clean. Start by sweeping the area thoroughly to prevent incomplete lines. There will be gaps in your line due to small stones or debris in paint on your pavement; once the debris is finally blown away or otherwise removed. And rolling on a rock with your striping machine can be a bump in your line.

Measure Twice, Paint Once –

It is essential to measure your area before painting on asphalt. Only the last thing you want when striping a parking lot is to run out of space after drawing the first line. Measure how much space you want to create and how wide each of them will be.

Where There Is a Width, There Is a Way –

Adjust the striping machine to the width of your desired stripe. You want all the lines of the striping paint in your parking lot to be the same size, so make sure you know how wide you want them to be before you start spraying your street paint. Bold, visible lines are vital for a safe and functional parking lot.

Shake and Secure –

Before inserting the can of road paint into the striping machine, shake the can for at least one minute. It will loosen the paint and spread it evenly over your striping. After shaking the painting can and inserting it into your striping machine, be sure to secure the street-colored can so it stays in the system for the duration of the striping process.

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Slow and Steady –

When painting on asphalt, take your time. At Fox Valley Paint, our paint for asphalt is permanent, so you do not have to strip your parking lot again in six months like some other brands, which means you have to be extra careful when painting asphalt.

Mister Paint has all of your striping painting requirements. They follow all the rules and practices that will find the area perfectly to meet all your needs. Our professional painters take care of every detail that is often necessary for this part of your property.

Mister Paint has a dedicated team of professional painters who are well aware of their duties and responsibilities. We guarantee you the finest striping painting services that can add a decent look to the area and your home.


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